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Starting in the spring of 2009, it was decided that every six weeks or so we would replace the regular rehearsal with a performance rehearsal at a worthy venue such as an assisted living facility. Because these performance rehearsals will be at the regular rehearsal time on the regular rehearsal day, we hope to have an effectively full turnout.

Julie Fletcher kindly agreed to undertake the task of organizing these gigs. If you have any ideas for a possible booking, please feel free to contact Julie. When you do, please provide her with a name and a telephone number for the appropriate contact person, as well as the identity and address of the possible venue.

Note: it has to be the regular rehearsal timing, or reasonably close to it – starting at 7 p.m. if possible. Also, although we will perform for free if push comes to shove, we would much prefer that the venue contribute a small honorarium from their entertainment budget. The choir does not make a profit, and all monies go to defraying the expenses that the Ottawa Folklore Centre incurs to keep us going. If the event is a fundraiser, we always require an honorarium.

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The choir is booked for Wednesday, February 1st, at The Gary Armstrong Care Home.
Details to follow as they become known.

Wednesday February 1st
Gary Armstrong Care Home

Thanks to Alto Cindy Cyr for arranging this. She writes,

I met with the activities director last week (very sweet lady ... Debbie).
She showed me where we’d be performing, where we could prepare, parking, etc.
There’s ample room for a 50-60 member choir.

I guess the only thing choir members may need to be aware of is that the patients
at this facility have 24 hr. nursing care. They are not living independently.
So some are in wheelchairs, some have beginnings of dementia, etc.
Debbie said there would be care-givers on duty during the performance,
so we were not to worry about patients wandering or behavioural issues, etc.
Debbie will be present as well.

We are asked to perform from 7pm-8pm;
not longer than this, as the patients get too tired.

We will be served juice and cookies afterward
(in our “coat/boot room”) ... as a “thank you”.

Here are the particulars:
The Gary Armstrong Long Term Care Facility
200 Island Lodge Road, Ottawa.

Wednesday, February 1st, 7pm-8pm.

Additional details to follow as they become available.

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